Services Offered Includes:

 Manufacturing Outsourcing
 Hole-in-the-wall manufacturing
 Piece rate manufacturing
 Factory machinery operations
 Skilled manpower pooling

 Warehouse Operations
 Picking and sorting
 Inventory management
 Forklift operations

 Logistics and Distribution
 Food delivery via motorcycle with box
 Motorcycle delivery capable of distributing goods to both urbanized and rural areas
 Multicab vans to deliver multi-drop medium size items to groceries and markets
 Trucking and hauling to any point in the Philippines

 Fleet Management
 Vehicle management software
 GPS installation and operation
 Vehicle dispatching and monitoring
 Vehicle periodic maintenance and emergency repairs
 Facilitation of vehicle registration and accident insurance claims
 Provision of skilled professional drivers
 Fleet fuel monitoring

 Sanitation and Janitorial Services
 Industrial cleaning
 Building and office janitorial services
 Restaurant sanitation
 Special one-time cleaning operations

 Agricultural Operations Outsourcing
 Planting and cultivation
 Application of pesticide

 Marketing Support

 Manpower Support
 Office staffing
 Seasonal and casual manpower
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